Procurement in Canada is a $300 billion + business environment and growing yearly. Whether public or private, approaches to acquiring goods, services or the procurement processes themselves can be very unique, full of complexities and stringent compliancy requirements.

Both public and private organizations today continue to look for improvements in their approach to procurement and how to better optimize results.

bkb Group has the insight and first hand experience managing procurement in the public and private sectors from both the buyer & seller perspective. With a sound procurement strategy your company or organization can create an effective approach to competitive acquisition or a successful bid proposal.

With a strong proven track record, the
bkb Group can help you developing guidelines, strategic planning, sourcing, bid responses, evaluations and management of small to large-scale complex acquisitions or opportunities.

You can count on the bkb Group to assist you with your procurement management processes or opportunities.

The bkb Group has the experience, expertise in key areas of:

  • business documentation compliancy

  • security clearance compliancy

  • procurement process design

  • procurement solutions

  • tender responses

  • competitive market analysis

  • procurement management

  • implementation management

  • contract management

  • vendor management

The bkb Group’s capabilities when combined with your businesses strengths can improve upon the success ratio in competitive acquisitions or procurement processes.

A growing number of organizations are finding that sharing services is an exciting mechanism for achieving efficiency and service improvement. Sharing services means budgets can be shifted from administration to frontline, client focused activities – ultimately enhancing performance.

bkb Group expertise in competitive procurement are not found in organizations today. The old sales approach to procurement is going to the way side as more and more organizations are taking great care to ensure open, transparent and fair competitive processes. Organizations are truly looking for the best solutions at the best price in today's economic climate.

bkb Group will work with you to develop a strong procurement vision and strategic approach to business opportunities taking full advantage of your corporate strengths to maximize your successes.

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