Electronic publishing today has become a cost effective real-time information medium. Out dated, costly, never changeable paper based approaches to information storage, dissemination and retrieval are being replaced. Even printers are becoming a thing of the past in businesses and homes.

Traditional printing methods required substantial ongoing publishing costs for materials, delivery and warehousing. And in some cases the information is out of date before going to print and is never in a format that could be corrected or updated quickly, easily and cost effectively.

Today's approach to delivering real time information and awareness has virtually no printing, warehousing, shipping and is available on a wide range of viewing devices. Existing paper based information can easily be converted and presented in a reader friendly, real-time up-dateable format.

The bkb Group will work with you to create a flexible, interactive information publishing solution that generates up-to-date content that responds to the user, engage and inform, providing real-time information delivery/retrieval solution that benefits the company and your clients.

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